coffin lifter 4.20 Manual push

Manual Push with Electric Lift

Use to: Cemetery use, coffin lift

made In italy
made in italy
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1 anno
Certificazione CE
Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - coffin lifter 4.20 Manual push


Compact frame to allow passage in narrow places and inside aisles, 260 mm diameter wheels. fixed in the back and 360 ° swivel with brake in the front for a simple and easy handling, it is among the smallest and most compact on the market. Sturdy painted steel frame with a width of only 780 mm and a length of 1400 mm.

The translation takes place with manual push by the operator, the large diameter wheels make this operation without any effort. A wide steering angle (360 ° swivel wheels) ensures high maneuverability. The power supply is 24V with double battery which ensures a long life for the whole working day, the standard electronic battery charger mounted on the base frame is supplied.

Simple controls for lifting the operator and the coffin. The sturdy extruded aluminum column with nylon sliding rollers with high smoothness and almost no maintenance ensures a high quality of work.

The platform can be equipped with a single basket or with a double basket for 2 operators and the roller coffin-holder surface is suitable for both lateral and front burial. It is possible to request the roller conveyor cover to be able to load equipment and bricks. The coffin-holder surface can be adjusted manually or with an electric cylinder, in both cases it ensures easy loading of the coffin thanks to the reduced height from the ground and burial up to 4 meters with the elevating coffin-holder surface.

In the case of the single basket, the latter can be installed on both sides and, during the movements, it can be placed on the roller conveyor surface while remaining comfortably in shape. The work basket is made of welded aluminum tubing, light and resistant.

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