Aerial Platform Microlift Z - LOAD

Adjustable picking platform

Use to: Maintenance in offices, warehouses, industries and stores. Electricians, mechanics, repairers and installers

made In italy
made in italy
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Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - Aerial Platform Microlift Z - LOAD


Aerial platform Microlift Z-LOAD, our company, expands its range of products. A new interior product designed to be used in storage and shelving, we have compact size (110 x 70 x 175 cm of floor space) that makes it easy to transport on small vans thanks to its extremely low weight but plus we have added an important accessory! A large, manually adjustable height load platform allows you to use the new Microlift Z - LOAD for storage operations and warehouse lanes without risking slipping with the load in your hand.

Offering a maximum working height of 5 meters and extremely easy handling, these platforms are suitable for maintenance work in companies, offices, warehouses and supermarkets, while the 24 V battery operation allows them to be used even in powerless environments offering a high level of autonomy. With the standard equipment available on the Microlift Series aerial platforms, we can find the built-in electronic battery charger in the chassis, residual battery indicator on the worktop, high sliding nylon wheels and a large work top completely in 70 x 70 cm welded aluminum with a capacity of 150 Kg + 50 Kg on the loading surface!

The extruded aluminum lifting column, designed directly by our company, also gives the highest working height safety and stability while keeping the maintenance necessary at the very least.

With this model of aerial platforms we can always offer you quality at a very low price!


height max. on the floor m.


height max. of work  m.


Load Kg. 

150 + 50

N° people


Weight Kg.


Power supply

24 V

Lifting time sec.


Width cm.


Length cm.


height (closed) cm.


Work plane cm.

70 x 70

Picking platform cm.

70 x 50

Application sectors:

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