Microlift Z T Rail

with motor wheel, to move on the train and metro tracks

Use to: railway use, tunnel maintenance, wagon maintenance, train refurbishment

made In italy
made in italy
Garanzia 1 anno
1 anno
Certificazione CE
Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - Microlift Z T Rail


Aerial platform of the now tested and appreciated Microlift series, version made specifically for working on metro and train tracks.

The worktop made of painted steel can be extended laterally to allow the operator to work more comfortably on the tunnel or wagon wall. The support base is covered in non-slip aluminum as per legislation. a battery power supply guarantees excellent autonomy for the whole working day.

The simple and intuitive controls allow the operator to move easily along the track and reach the work area. A motor wheel with proportional controls ensures precise movements and an approach to the workplace or wagon without the risk of hitting it

This platform is specially designed to move on railway tracks, subways and any place with rails. The worktop allows the operator to work at a height of 5 meters, plus with the lateral sliding of the top we can get closer to the part being processed.

It is possible to request customizations and variations with respect to the model in the photo, everything will be in accordance with legislation and accompanied by certification

Application sectors:

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