Vertical extension platform Mod. 10S

Self-propelled with reinforced frame

Use to: Warehouses, archives, shelving and maintenance

made In italy
made in italy
Garanzia 1 anno
1 anno
Certificazione CE
Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - Vertical extension platform Mod. 10S


Single-seater vertical platform with compact dimensions. The shape of the base frame makes it usable without leveling devices and with the possibility of moving without having to leave the work surface.

The traversing commands, accessible only when the platform is completely lowered, allow the machine to be moved with the operator on board. This aerial platform is powered by batteries that ensure long life, electronic flatness indicator, battery charger, electronic battery charger and proportional travel controls.

As in the other versions of our vertical extraction platform, the lifting of the worktop is guaranteed by a strong extruded aluminum column of our design with Nylon sliding rollers that ensure precision in movements and a high stability even at the maximum height.
The extremely compact base dimensions make this aerial platform capable of working in tight environments where it would not be possible to use other machines.


Features Modello 10S
Working height m. 9,81
Height on the floor m. 7,81
maximum capacity Kg. 120
N ° max. platform operators 1
Platform dimensions cm. 65 x 65
Width m. 0,79
Length m 1,6
Weight kg. 740
Number of batteries 4
Power supply V. 24
Closed height m. 1,98

Application sectors:

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