Self-propelled scissor platform

Aerial and working platforms

Use to: Maintenance, warehouses, building, warehouses, electricians, painters, repairers and assemblers

made In italy
made in italy
Garanzia 1 anno
1 anno
Certificazione CE

Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - Self-propelled scissor platform


Scissor bend at high altitude thanks to the shape of the base frame ensures excellent stability while maintaining a low weight that makes it transportable with most vehicles with B-license.

The batteries allow a high working autonomy and a long service life, with 400 mm rubber wheels. (also available in anti-track version), flatness indicator, electronic load control in the basket, 2 manual levelers, battery charge indicator, electronic charger, flashing and motion detector.

A convenient access staircase ensures a secure entry through the spring closure to the work surface entirely covered with almond-plated aluminum anti-slip sheet.

The strength of this platform is the ability to translate when it is fully developed, an anti-tipping system ensures stability and safety in all conditions.

This type of platform requires reduced maintenance and makes it suitable to work in any type of environment, on request it is possible to carry out work where ATEX norms are applied. It is provided with the relevant certificates of conformity and approval and a comprehensive instruction manual that will guide the operator to correct and risk unsafe use.


Features 79 93 106 122
Working height m. 7,9 9,3 10,6 12,2
Floor height m. 5,9 7,3 8,6 10,2
Load max. Kg. 300 300 300 300
Load max. extended basket Kg. 100 100 100 100
N ° max. platform operators 3 3 3 3
Number of operators with extended basket 1 1 1 1
Platform dimensions 0,75x2,33 0,90x2,33 0,96x2,33 0,96x2,33
Platform dimension with extended basket 0,75x3,33 0,90x3,33 0,96x3,33 0,96x3,03
Width m. 0,85 1,12 1,27 1,6
Length m. 2,58 2,58 2,58 2,58
H. closed without handrail m. 1,4 1,5 1,65 1,75
Length including ladder m. 2,7 2,75 2,75 2,77
Weight kg. 1300 1480 1800 2100

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