Aerial platform Microlift Z - T

Self propelled platforms

Use to: Maintenance in offices, warehouses, industries and stores. Electricians, mechanics, repairers and installers

made In italy
made in italy
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Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - Aerial platform Microlift Z - T


Vertical aerial platform, with our Microlift Z-T, our company, expands its range of airplanes. A new interior product designed to be used in storage and shelving, we have compact size (110 x 70 x 170 cm of floor space) that makes it easy to transport on small vans thanks to its extremely low weight the comfort of being able to move with the deck up to 9,80 feet from the ground.

Two powerful 450W motors guarantee excellent, very progressive and intuitive traction, coupled with the joystick with proportional controls, ensuring precise maneuvers and excellent translation speed adjustment.

Offering a maximum working height of 5 meters and extremely easy handling, these platforms are suitable for maintenance work in companies, offices, warehouses and supermarkets, while the 24 V battery operation allows them to be used even in powerless environments offering a high autonomy thanks to the use of semi-traction batteries.

Among the standard equipment available on the Microlift Series aerial platforms, we can find the built-in electronic battery charger in the base frame, residual battery charge indicator on the worktop, 200 mm anti-traction wheels. on the front and a wide workpiece completely welded 70 x 70 cm.

The extruded aluminum lifting column, designed directly by our company, also gives the highest working height safety and stability while keeping the maintenance necessary at the very least.

With this model of aerial platforms we can always offer you quality at a very low price!

The strong point of this platform is the ability to move in complete safety when it is fully developed at 3 meters from the ground. Moving speeds are reduced and side protections (yellow miniskirts) prevent it from tipping over.

There are many customizations that can be required to make this platform ideal for any type of job.

Storage tray to be applied at the top of the column.

The chassis is designed to fit under machinery, cutting lines and shelves so that it can work up to 70 Cm.!



Max working plane height mm. 2990
height min. worktop mm. 550
Max working height mm. 4990
Capacity Kg. 200 Kg
No. of operators 1
Weight kg. 380
Power supply 24 V
Lifting time sec. 30
Width cm. 70
Length cm. 110
Closed height cm. 175
Worktop cm. 70 x 70
Traction W 500 x 2 
Maximum allowable altitude Slope 2,50%
Maximum gradient exceedable 12%
Internal / external steering radius mm. 0 / 800 
Maximum pressure on the ground wheels with full load kN 2,01
Maximum speed on the ground / altitude 0,9 / 0,2  m/s
Battery charger integrated
Batteries 2 x 105 Ah
Traction wheels mm. 252 x 82
Free wheels mm. 200

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