PTR Maintenance Platform

fully customized

Use to: maintaining railway trucks, painting.

made In italy
made in italy
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Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - PTR Maintenance Platform


Platform specially designed and manufactured to carry out machining and maintenance on the sides of railway wagons, carriages and vehicles.

Rugged stainless steel frame with anti-rust finish and double coat paint, steel or aluminum workpiece lifting columns depending on the request. In both versions, the smoothness and low maintenance required are guaranteed by nylon rollers.

The strength of our maintenance platforms is the ability to park it anywhere in the car / truck, ensuring maximum stability even at maximum height.

Lifting the worktop is done through an hydraulic cylinder and lifting chains.

This type of maintenance platform is made in different versions to meet the various work demands of our customers including:

translation and manual lifting
manual transmission and lifting to 220V / 380V
manual translation and battery lifting
translation with motorcycle and battery lifting

The battery charger comes standard with the electronic charger.

All our platforms are supplied with 4 standard manual stabilizers, battery chargers (in battery versions), work surface covered with non-slip aluminum sheet, emergency lowering on the basket, low voltage controls (electric versions) and wheels with manual brake.

Maintenance platforms can be customized in working height, work plane size, base dimensions and specialty machining accessories.

Application sectors:

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