Aerial platform for tanks

Adjustable aluminum frame

Use to: tank welding, inspection and aerial work

made In italy
made in italy
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1 anno
Certificazione CE
Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - Aerial platform for tanks


Aluminum structure specially designed to carry out maintenance, welding and checking of tanks and machineries. The tread is made of aluminum non-slip almonded sheet, with railings and hooks for the seat belt. The structure is completely welded aluminum with reinforcement beams to minimize oscillations and movement of the work platform, lifting the plane through a manual winch and a steel cable connected directly to the worktop. The nylon sliding rollers ensure smooth and precise handling, thanks to the slats it is possible to lock the working height about every 27 cm. and use the access scale to reach the work plane.

The base frame is made of painted steel, is equipped with 4 manual levelers, rubber wheels with brake and counterweights to balance the cantilever of the worktop.

The height, workbench, brace and flow measurements are totally customizable as needed.

Application sectors:

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