platforms for painting systems

with cantilever worktop

Use to: painting systems, furnaces, sandblasting systems

made In italy
made in italy
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1 anno
D.l. N°81
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Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - platforms for painting systems


Aerial platform with aluminum lifting column (simple or double according to the request) designed to be inserted inside spray booths, ovens and sandblasting systems. Its structure with extensible worktop with hydraulic controls allows the operator to get close to the work piece in complete safety and autonomy both in height and depth.

In the back part of the frame the hooks for the sliding track are made which allow the platform to run along the entire length of the system. All movements are managed by hydraulic proportional controls that allow precise movements without risking to hit the workpiece.

Obviously, being designed for environments with risk of fire, the hydraulic unit is placed outside the work area and inside the cabin / oven only NON-electric commands are brought so as to exclude any possible risk of fire and explosion. We have designed a machine with minimal maintenance considering the environment where it will be used, a sturdy column in extruded aluminum and nylon sliding rollers.

This type of aerial platform is completely customizable in the sizes and capacities, at the time of delivery the conformity certifications will be issued.

Application sectors:

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