Aluminium Stepladder

welded aluminium structure

Use to: Cemeteries, warehouses, offices, archives, shops.

made In italy
made in italy
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1 anno
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D.l. N°81
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Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - Aluminium Stepladder


 Staircase made entirely of welded aluminum, a sturdy structure created with extruded aluminum profiles and ribbed ensure stability and security without comparison. According to the height of the worktop, a widener is added to the basic structure of the ladder, which ensures additional safety for the operator. The shape of the structure of our bunk staircase, is specially designed to minimize the risk of overturning thanks to the inclination of 5 ° with which the back legs are welded.

All the steps, in the standard version, are made of non-slip almond aluminum sheet with a depth of 100 mm. Alternatively, it is possible to request a different depth and a different type of construction (increased tread, perforated aluminum cover, etc.)

The standard work plan of our castle ladder model is 400 x 500 mm. covered in anti-slip aluminum sheet, guardrails with toe-boards and knee guards installed on 3 sides. As for the steps, it is possible to customize the entire staircase with lateral landings, increased width, increased floor, increase in capacity and exit gates.

The ground support of the bunk staircase is guaranteed by 4 rubber elements that allow the use of the ladder even on delicate surfaces. if the ladder must be used in particular environments, it is possible to equip it with: swivel wheels with brake, manual rear levelers and special basic measures.

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