Tank inspection ladder

Made entirely of aluminum, with adjustable height

Use to: Inspection of tanks, tankers and lorries

made In italy
made in italy
Garanzia 1 anno
1 anno
D.l. N°81
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Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - Tank inspection ladder


Ladder made entirely of extruded aluminum profiles, ideal for carrying out checks and withdrawals on roofs of tanks, tankers, trucks and tanks. Structure very resistant and light at the same time, large steps made of aluminum grilled (on request) allow safe and easy access to the operator even in the presence of moisture or ice.

Manual winch of our design to allow the adjustment of the working height with intervals of 25 cm .. The base frame and the extruded aluminum structure make the weight of this ladder for cisterns really contained to allow easy movement and positioning close to the vehicle, rubber wheels 125 and 200 mm in diameter. ensure high smoothness on various types of terrain.

The Nylon sliding rollers make this structure almost totally maintenance-free even after a different time of use. To increase the stability already very high, we installed on the frame, the stabilization side bars that once positioned the scale are lowered manually until it touches the ground, making the staircase even more stable.

On the work surface it is possible to install a storage basket, also in aluminum, to allow the operator to land on the roof of the vehicle.

The height measurements and the dimensions are customizable according to the work to be done.

Application sectors:

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