Ladder with platform and double ramp

entirely in welded aluminum

Use to: maintenances, installations, working and assembly

made In italy
made in italy
Garanzia 1 anno
1 anno
D.l. N°81
decreto legislatvo
Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - Ladder with platform and double ramp


Staircase with platform and double access ramp, entirely made of extruded aluminum profiles and subsequently welded to guarantee high stability and durability over time. Ideal for carrying out assembly, maintenance and assembly work on machines and structures, available with only one handrail to be placed next to the work piece or with double handrails.

The steps and the worktop are made with our profile, also in aluminum, with anti-slip coating; equipped with protections according to law from mm. 1100, knee-length band and foot band from mm.150.

This type of ladder with platform can be customized in the overall dimensions, in the dimensions of the worktop and the steps and in the ground level of the walking surface.

On the base frame, wheels with high coefficient of smoothness are mounted to allow a single user to be able to move it without difficulty. It is also possible to request manual levelers to be inserted on the frame in order to stabilize the ladder on all types of terrain, even rough.

Application sectors:

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