Special scale for train and boat maintenance

special equipment for railway and naval maintenance

Use to: railway industry, maintenance, assembly and construction, shipbuilding industry

made In italy
made in italy
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1 anno
D.l. N°81
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Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - Special scale for train and boat maintenance


Ladder made entirely of extruded aluminum profiles and welded to Mig. These special scales for train and ship maintenance are made to measure to best fit the type of use they will have to perform, they can be customized in height, shape and shape of the worktop. The latter, together with the access ramp, is made of aluminum grating that avoids any type of sliding.

On the work surface there are 3 gates open to the inside of the top, in the rear a stabilizer bar is installed that, together with the rubber ground supports with metal core, guarantee stability and safety to the operator.

The strong point of this scale is the new lever system that allows two fingers to switch from the translation mode to the block mode. A handy lever has been placed on the side of the ladder and moving it in the two positions raises and lowers the rubber wheels for moving.

All our stairs are made in full compliance with the regulations in force, at the time of delivery will be issued the relevant certificates of conformity and the instruction manual.

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