Special Equipment For Truck Assembly and Maintenance

Adjustable in height, with customized dimensions

Use to: Truck maintenance, truck assembly, canvas / tank and tank inspection

made In italy
made in italy
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1 anno
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Scalificio Clerici s.n.c. - Special Equipment For Truck Assembly and Maintenance


Height adjustable platform designed for maintenance and inspection of the top of trucks, lorries, vans, tanks and cisterns. A convenient hatch in the center of the worktop allows you to easily reach the parts being processed while remaining in absolute safety conditions.

The structure is made of extruded aluminum and subsequently welded, the painted steel base is equipped with swivel wheels with brakes and manual levelers as standard.

The worktop can be adjusted in height, to position the vehicle being processed in the underlying part, thanks to manual winches. The table is moved on Nylon rollers, practically maintenance-free.

Access to the work surface is allowed by 4 ladders which lead the operator to the work station by accessing through safety gates with gravity lock.

The dimensions of the worktop and the heights can be customized according to the work to be done. At the time of delivery, the machine will be equipped with conformity certificates, all our products are manufactured following the regulations in force.

Application sectors:

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